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Not very well done but heres an example.. im sure there will be many cuts out there soon


That didn't take long, thanks for sharing! I wonder if they sell the book then with the page gone or a square cut out of it.

I got mine today also, very happy with it.

I wonder when the second batch is shipping? My order from May still hasn't been sent out yet.

shockingly I'm happy with this one, and to have JSA authenticity too, which on it's own is probably close to the cost of the book.

The basic cert for Michael Richards is $30 so it's definitely a great deal in my opinion, granted my first copy was $60, good thing I ordered another copy for $40.

I don't see these staying in stock much longer, they also dropped the purchase limit back down to 5.

Out of stock now

Bet they come back on their site at $450 later on as rate collectibles.

+1 but it better be the Deluxe Slipcase Teabagged version Deez was alluding to... 

Yes, can't be the book plate version. Entire book must be in his hands 

They could tack on another $1000 and make the slipcase covering out of his used boxer/briefs, unless he goes commando... 

The $1000 version is the coffee table book version that turns into a coffee table.


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