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I believe you're right, the web page has me befuddled. I appreciate the reply. 

Strand doesn't take phone call queries anymore.  Amazing..........  But I saw the HC one was in a warehouse not at the store which means it is not likely signed.  If it was signed, it would say so on-line if you check out their signed copies.

I had went through Strand's online signed section and couldn't find it. I think this one wasn't meant to be for me. Thank you both for the help. 

Those sold out within an hour of Stipe posting.  The ones listed now are unsigned.  

Ever since the girl took over at the Strand, the place has gone to hell.  They refuse to answer the phone and they closed their Rare Book Room because they didn't want to pay anyone to staff it.  I can't see the place surviving.

Back online on roughtrade

How do you make an account on roughtrade to checkout? It only gives option to make account with Spotify sign up. I already have Spotify so that errors. I don't see checkout as guest. How much business do they loose like this? 

https://www.roughtrade.com/gb -> Menu -> Account ->"Sign up" at the bottom of the Page (below "Sign up with Spotify" and the text)

Ugh. Sold out now. Didn't have much time to figure it out with work.  Thanks though.


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