Any opinions on this one?

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It's not a banana Mantle, but I don't think it's authentic at all. Chris or Terrier will be along shortly to identify which forgery this one is.

I think it's authentic.

It's a Beaut!,You can see so many strokes in this sig it's a good one to study. The first M moon starts perfectly placed on the white of  Uniform. Forgers don't and can't do that. Mickey can! Then, that slight curved up shaped "c" that a forger can never get right) and backing the pen out, which you don't get to see often. Tip of the k aligning with the tip of the y is PERFECT.

M in Mantle dropped ink and shows a beautiful natural "check mark like" interaction with the a. Put the rest together and I think it's a 9 or 10 signature. On the FUDD SCALE of 1-10. I'm no Terrior or Chris but I did used to be the Lowly Mantle Collector at one time...

As Fudd so eloquently stated (and Chris too) this Mantle is definitely authentic

Very authentic for sure.

And the line looked so shaky in spots to me for MM. Non-matching "M"s, first "M" looked spot on to me, the second one nothing like the first. More of an "L" rather than a "c". Extra strokes. The wide "y".  I'm puzzled as to why I'm puzzled by MMs, I just seem to have no feel for his vibe.

It's probably because this one wasn't signed with a felt tip market. It's a much finer autograph.

Got it. Any natural tremors that disappear into the wider swath stand out when signed with the finer tip. Even MM, who I thought had a very steady hand going by seeing so many marker type signatures. 



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