So....I mean I'm wondering the story behind this listing for an Autographed Mickey Mantle photo? This seller has to be joking... I'm lost for words really. I do want to add though that I did send a message to the seller inquiring what the intent is to add this listing. Here is the listing-


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It feels like the seller is mocking all the comical, fake Mantle autographs out there... with sellers who try to tell you how real they are.

I think this is mockery at its finest.

I was wiping tears from laughter when I first saw this.... But then I was like, Oh no..... Did this seller get ripped off from buying a fake? Or does this person know about all the fakes? My intent when I sent a message to the seller and posted the listing on here was to inform them about this site and offer encouragement of researching before buying. But since they haven't responded to my message and they listed this as mockery then they probably know at least a little about what they are doing.  


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