Mickey Mantle Autographed Baseball Forgery Ebay Seller Disneycolector Ugly Fake

Check out this horrific Mickey Mantle forgery on a baseball.

This Mickey Mantle forgery is listed by Ebay seller Disneycolector.

Ebay seller Disneycolector writes "Ball was Autographed by Mickey in the mid 80s at his Restaurant/Sports Bar in Central Park, New York."

This is one ugly Mickey Mantle forgery listed by Ebay seller Disneycolector.


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Disney collector should stick to Mickey Mouse stuffed toys!

Does no one notice that this same guy just has a trunk full of mantle balls>>???? I mean can we post anything on his page to let ppl know that he is selling forgeries?

What about posting something to ebay management? Do they even care

Looks like Ebay seller Disneycolector got his Mantle forgery back from the buyer he refunded and he promptly re-listed it.


Have you guys also noticed that Ebay now hides the Ebay IDs of buyers.  Check the below screenshot.

Click the image to get a better view of it.

And Ebay seller Disneycolector re-listed this Mickey Mantle forgery, too.


Ebay seller Disneycolector continues to list Mickey Mantle forgeries on a baseball.

This Mantle forgery comes with a worthless COA from Shop At Home.




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