I am looking to purchase a large collection from someone and these Mickey Mantle cleats are the centerpiece.  I am looking to see if these look authentic or not.  It is my first time on the site but could really use some help as these, if real, are a truly unique find. These are the only two pics I was able to snap of them.  Thank you in advance for your help! I am a little concerned by how clear the signature looks and how he underlines the N in No. 7 (when he usually underlines the .) I apologize for the picture being rotated.

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Hi Christopher,

What's the story on these? Where did they come from, when, how did they get them signed, any documentation, etc.?

Hi Steve. I am buying someone's personal collection of autographs, they have over 500. It is a close friend and most of them have been signed in person as he is friends with many professional players. This is something he bought in a lot a hmber of years ago. For these reasons, neither him nor I know the story about them and there is no documentation. I was able to find only one other similar Mickey Mantle Autograph on cleats that sold at auction in Chester, NJ. I honestly do not know anything else about these. Thank you for the reply.

Here is the link to the other other pair of cleats I can find online similar to these.


Thanks, Chris. Robert Edward Auctions is a highly reputable auction house. There are members here much better than me on Mantle, so I'll leave this for them to reply to. 

Thanks for your time Steve

those cleats are not authentic in my opinion.

Just curious, what makes you think that?

because they do not resemble his authentic signature.  As Christopher Williams stated below, the REA Auction cleats are authentic.  Compare them.

That's the difference between collectors like myself and Terrier and yourself.

We can look at certain autographs immediately and with 98% of them, opine within one minute whether it's authentic or not.

Trying to explain the difference between an authentic autograph and forgery to someone who does not know autographs is almost impossible.

If you spend enough time looking at authentic autographs and those that are forgeries, you will understand one day exactly what I mean.

Slowly signed,a goofy k,T crossed at the top,looks off in quite a few ways.

I agree with, Terrier.  

The Mantle sig from the REA auction is authentic, the other "Mantle" sig you posted is not authentic.

I had a lot of doubts about it, but I was not as sure as either one of you that it was fake.



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