Hi, I would appreciate opinions on this Mantle ball.  I apologize for the poor quality of the photo, but it's all I have.  

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correct Steve.  Mantle started signing with the characteristic M's around 1960.  From that point on, his signature was fairly consistent.  

Exactly, so the only differences we may see if it was a nice sit down signature or something he signed while walking/in a hurry.  Even after sitting and signing for hours at a show, if someone handed Mick a ball while he was walking from the table toward the door, he would sign the ball while walking.  

that article is not very helpful for purposes of identifying Mantle forgeries.  I suggest that you study KNOWN authentic signed baseballs (not photos).  BAS, JSA, PSA, and SGC are all very strong with Mantle signatures.   Once you see the overall structure, and then look at these forgeries, it will become obvious.  but to the naked eye, without the education, I agree it can be difficult.  Remember, the intent of forgeries is to imitate authentic signatures.  This forgery style on the ball you are questioning, has been around for years, and is well documented.


Hello Darwin,

Terrier and Christopher are some of the most respected members here and both possess superior eyes and knowledge. Good information here. Both have made immense contributions to this site.


Thank you very much, Eric.

Appreciate the kind words Eric. 

The goal of forgers and sellers of forgeries, is to give the appearance of a forgery being authentic....

And that's why selling forgeries on Ebay is actually easier than selling authentic autographs; and that's because 80% of the people who buy autographs simply do not have a clue when it comes to autographs, and that is why he "forgery industry" is so huge, especially on Ebay.

Below are links to threads I've posted on examples of Mantle forgeries.




Well put thanks 



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