So part of me feels this has some elements of a Milkey Mautle, but then another part feels the M’s look good. Then part of me feels like it was drawn slowly. All of me wants to know what you guys think?

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It’s funny, because now I cringe at the one on the right, thinking “how could I possibly have thought it was real?”

i think the one on the left is good.  Am I wrong about that one too?  

Chris you are correct.  A closer look and I can see several areas that are a giveaway.

No one wrote that this one is bad.

Have to say, DR, you're driving us a bit crazy.

its bad. the one in the OP

Yeah, the original one is bad.  I’m still trying to get some clarity on the second one.  I thought it was good, but now it seems Steve and Chris are saying it’s bad...?

this one is bad too?

This one is authentic.

Okay, thank you for clarifying.  I thought it was okay, then started having second thoughts.

You guys are so great. 



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