From when he was in the Minor League.

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Every example I posted I own or have owned at some point...The SS baseballs are all In person here at Spring Training as well as the side panel.

While I generally jive with a lot of opinions here I happen to like the OG posters ball.Trout signed with a Pointy T at some point and is a very inconsistent signature as it is.I posted several examples that are extremely different from one another,My opinion on this ball after really looking at it as its an authentic signature.

That's fine, and I've got enough experience on my own with Trout IP and MLB Auth versions that I wouldn't touch that ball as there are entirely too many anomalys and it looks drawn, quite thickly I might add, but to each there own.

The question is how many times did you get him in the minors in low a and rookie league,probably none.Not really an argument though from me Kevin just my honest opinion.Petes baseballs I dont like though.

I rarely touch anything baseball, these just happen to be Grandstand pieces that the store (where I work) sells.

I will not be offended, but if there are issues with Grandstand Trouts from his rookie year.....please let me know so I can have them pulled off the shelves.

Pete its really up to you or grandstand on what to do with them,my whole heart opinion was that I would be more comfortable with the OP 20 ball then the ones that grandstand has.I just wanted to show reference materials that I own and some pieces Ive gotten in the past..

I appreciate your help, I will let the owners know that these are problem pieces, and they will likely get them out of the store. If they choose to pursue Grandstand, that is their call. 


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