milcity-collectibles from Rubicon, Wisconsin is a forger selling real and fake phony autographs on ebay

ebay seller milcity-collectibles is one of the worst forgers in Wisconsin. beside the porn stuffs, his sports and celebrity autographs are mostly fakes.  He's smart that he use a  po box address in wisconsin. if he is caught in california forging fakes he would need to repay 10 times the difference of the cost of each autograph he sold back to his customers. he knows what to say to make a sale. but not a smart seller if he get caught by watching eyes other collectors like me who get autographs in person just like him. certificate of authenticity from his company milcity-collectibles are worthless piece of paper. 


This Justice League cast signed photo below is a flat out forgery. I think i saw him sold about 20 of these already. at any movie premieres is quite difficult to complete a cast signed photo or poster. Getting 1 done is hard enough but get 20 or more raise a red flag. You got about 50-100 other dealers/collectors competing against each other. so if you purchase a cast signed justice league photo from this guy, you might wanna get it check out. don't believe the lies he's telling you. celebrity is not going to stand in one spot and sign 20 for him at a movie premiere attended by thousands of fans 

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