Miranda Lambert signed Palomino CD

From Sanity


Release Date: April 29, 2022


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A replacement would definitely be better than $4. You could also get one that’s perfect and not smudged at all 

well if you took the replacement it must have been the last one because I was told they didn't have anymore and only gave me the 15% off option, I told them to either give me a return label or I would file a claim and they immediately refunded me and said to keep it so I can live with that. I might have just taken the 15% and forgot about it but the fact that they admitted they knew they were all smudged and sent them out anyway just made me not want to.  

I’ll take the smudged one, they only sent me one and I ordered two (didn’t get the one per customer rule or canceled. Got one signed but the other was going to a friend of mine for his birthday. They did finally give a full refund for the other CD since I showed them where I was getting two signed and only received one. 

It seemed strange that they were the only ones selling this release…

Yes, especially for an American country artist

A hobby is supposed to be fun,  Between COVID, autopens, crappy little art cards, and now smudged signatures, whats the point of even ordering anything anymore.  The more I read, the more disappointed people are.

I totally agree and it's been more stressful than fun for a while now which is why I have pretty much quit buying recently. also the fact that it doesn't seem to be as much of a good long-term investment as it used to be. I was already feeling that way with the Taylor's, MGK, and several others that feel mass-produced lately but the Florence + the machine ones were the final straw for me, these have been on sale for over 2 months now and are still available. they are killing the hobby the same way they did with the baseball cards I collected as a kid that are mostly worthless now. it's still Ok to collect for fun I guess but for me, I liked it better when I felt like I had something rare and special instead of something that everyone that wanted one has. I quit buying but haven't broken the habit of looking for them so I will still post the good stuff if I see it lol.    

I'm collecting Taylor for my daughter and that's what is pretty much keeping me going now. I dont get the hype for MGKelly and Florence.. passed on both as well as this one too, same for Missy Elliott and Weeknd. A few other "big names" I'm just not a fan of...  Max Creeps got me though. We will see how that turns out. Ive scored a few others this year I was waiting on. Now its just Meg Myers and Taylor Swift and I may take long breaks away from this forum and hit the gym with my awesome collection lol. I havent worked out regularly in a while. Im not heavy, just weak and tired. I need to have more energy for my daughter who is starting to ask for more outside playtime. So ill be spending less time on here soon. Im not sure if I can just pop in every once in a while. Ill see a big name and get drawn back in. This hobby is so addictive.

yeah if I am unable to quit then at least I need to start limiting it to people I actually listen to and like and those aren't often since I'm more into rock and metal. like this Miranda, I bought it because I knew she was a big name but if someone offered me a million dollars to name one of her songs I would still just be a Thousandaire lol. I couldn't name any song for most of what I've bought in the last year which is ridiculous. I was bored and got sucked into the addiction and I'm working on getting back out now

Absolutely +1. I've seen folks buying things that seem like a suprise bag, folks ordering things they never heard of, folks buying copies from every country in the hope of not getting an Autopen and more. I think I saw some attempts at figuring things out by working release dates and times into other things in some numerologist way. That is not collecting - it is some sort of frenzy to me. Some seems like an addiction.

guess I was lucky to get an un-smudged one.

I wish these would show up for sale somewhere else…I’d like to grab a few.



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