An observation, I hope is interesting and sorry for my english. :)
I am a music and sports lover and over the years I have personally had autographs of artists I admire like Sonic Youth and fantomas full band , Melvins, Agassi, McEnroe, Sting, Vic Chesnutt, Mark Linkous, Jonny Winter or Peter Green, I also have some Neil Young, Lou Reed and Bryan Wilson setlist and/or guitar pick, Stewart Coppeland or Sonic Youth drum stick. also some autographed, or setlist but minor stuff.
my curiosity is this:
have you ever lost the moment? I intend to have chance to meet a "vip" or artist that you admire but for emotion or other things you have not been able to make us take a photo or an autograph or talk? I know you are professional in this situations but also you are human!
I ask this because I have three story (I selected only 3), two of mine and one of an friend.
20 years ago I went to Milan for a Neil Young concert in a Arcimboldi (or Smeraldo, i confused it) theater and after 3 hours in front of the tour bus, hoping he would come out, I went back to the car to get my jacket. Walking behind the theater Neil got off with a bodyguard from a black car, he was entering for rehearsals. it was only me, a friend of mine and two people, Im shocked from the emotion and if having CD and photo camera in hand I was stuck and he looked at me and entered without photo and signing nothing... same place years after for Tom Waits concert and once it ended I saw in street Tilda Swinton (who She was in the audience) and she signed my Tom Waits ticket, so weird autograph. I end up with the strangest thing. On February 21, 1994 I was just 17 years old and I decided not to go to see Nirvana show (I regret it even now) ... a friend of mine went to see Nirvana in Modena (80 km from my house) with a friend who his big fan of the band. In the afternoon they met in Bologna (he was a university student) Cobain who was visiting the square (and had a hotel nearby). he was petrified and Kurt was available to autographs and photos but he did nothing with me Neil Young. sorry for everything! Your story?

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