“The Cookbook” Signed Artcard Double Vinyl - Missy Elliott - Atlant...

THANKFULLY The Art Card Is The Size Of A Poster! ;-) :-D

Not sure if it is US ONLY!


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Got mine today. Looks nice... black signature like the video she put out. Very happy. Thanks to Christina for finding these! 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

One of my favorite acquisitions of the year so far.

These are really nice.  However, it would greatly enhance the image if they had printed the image without the "PARENTAL ADVISORY..." warning.

You people literally whine and cry about everything.  

Lol, Isn't that what you are doing? But without adding to the conversation. You are literally whining about the whining

That's how you know it's the version you want.

Praise be to Tipper Gore!

Awesome, looks great! She has a nice signature. I agree it would have been better without the parental advisory but I won't complain for the price. Missy is a legend. 

Mine came today !! Looks good !! Does anyone have the video link at all  where she is signing in silver ? Thanks all 



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