MMP Collectibles of Las Vegas just popped up on a Google search:

Lots of signed music and movie memorabilia. 

Take a look. 

What do you think?

A few samples from their inventory:

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What a load of crap!
Brian Burkel of Autographs America is back!! Same fake crap!!

Just as bad and same price points, that's for sure.

This how they get by with it...just like Autographs America. You have to become a "member" and "agree" to their terms, including: "Each item has been authenticated by a 3rd party authenticator(s), and the user of the web site accepts the validity of the authentication at the time of purchase, and no other opinion of the validity of the autograph’s authentication is acceptable, or negotiable for any kind of consideration."

This is, without a doubt, the return of that scumbag, Brian Burkel.

I didn't know Autographs America had terms and conditions like that.

People who sell crap like that simply have no conscience.

The Doors and Beatles guitars are awful.

Of course they are. How many REAL Beatles and Doors signed guitars even exist? If they did, they would be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars...not a few thousand. The guy is pure scum.
I googled "MMP Collectibles" and found this -

7,700 pounds of guitars!!

The guy behind this is the infamous Brian Burkel. It's mind boggling how he has managed to avoid being caught and sent to prison. Pure scum.

Love this!

How do you know it's Brian Burkel?

The MMP website is loaded with the same fake "signed" guitars, albums, drum heads and pick guards that he has been selling for years. I've seen enough of them to spot them a mile away.



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