MMP Collectibles of Las Vegas just popped up on a Google search:

Lots of signed music and movie memorabilia. 

Take a look. 

What do you think?

A few samples from their inventory:

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There was another thread - it was a status posted by someone thanking another (who?) for purchasing at MMP with a link - I noted 25 "Bowie's", maybe 25 "Hendrix" LP's and 4 or so signed guitars, 6 full "Doors" LP's, an electric guitar signed by "Judy Garland"...many "Beatles" with the ones with "Lennon" cheaper...several pages of full "Pink Floyd" pickguards and LP's, a "Syd Barrett" guitar or two...and all for $125 or whatever. That is just what I recall seeing! You can find this status page with Google - the member is...gone. 

Simple logic everything else aside - what are the chances of having so many desirable signatures on vintage guitars -  with aluminum pickguards? How the heck many aluminum guards are there? The chances are about as good as having a "Garland" in Sharpie...

very cool autographed guitars from bands that guitars signed by full bands dont excist.what happend to buddy holly and the crickets they could spell all there names.

maybe they have a blue dress with a stain on it to sell and  and some other crap.

thats why people  dont want to pay what stuff is really worth 

ebay and all this other crap killed the bussiness

I'm sure you already know, but the Star Wars stuff is junk as well.


Thought I'd help out

You did...I was joking around!


The Beatles "signed" guitar is pathetic!!!

Thank You Steve, for bringing this to the Attention of all the ALM Members. A simple search and you can find anyone who Registers a Business or Applies for a Business License. This MMP of Las Vegas is owned by none other than Brian Burkle. Or at least that's what it says on his Business License Application.

Wow...thanks, Timothy!

Steve Conn is's Brian Burkel!



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