Autographs Authentication Store, Autograph Collectors Guild & MMP Collectibles of Las Vegas: What do you think?

[March 11, 2019 note by Steve Cyrkin: Brian Burkel, owner of MMP Collectibles, changed its name to Autograph Collectors Guild in October 2018, and then to its current name, Autographs Authentication Store in February 2019.]

MMP Collectibles of Las Vegas just popped up on a Google search:

Lots of signed music and movie memorabilia. 

Take a look. 

What do you think?

A few samples from their inventory:

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if one googles 'bob dylan autograph' you will end up with 15 different google product listing ads all from burkel's web site. (

if one googles 'grateful dead autograph' you will end up with 15 different google product listing ads all from burkel's web site. ( one can google practically any popular artist autograph and receive only results of burkel's listings...........try it, steve

here is jimi hendrix !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 steve==i am under the impression that american royal arts is out of any case burkel is ripping off literally thousands of autograph buyers per year---way more than royal arts ever did.....

according to a member of this site who worked for his company, burkel is spending over $10,000.00 per week on paid google clicks ( PLA,,,,,,,product listing ads) so he must be profiting with hundreds of forgeries sold per month............yet i do not see his site mentioned more than other fraud sites on your site


are you afraid of a law suit from burkel?.......what is the reason that burkel's site is not featured on your home page??

thanks for all the hard work setting up this site to protect the naive.





Brian Burkel just changed the name of his company. It's new name  is PRESTIGE COLLECTIBLES;

Here is the new url:

So now when a person who knows very little about autographs and is searching for a gift will find nothing negative on the internet regarding Burkel and his forgeries when they google the name of his new site.. In fact there is a company with the same name that is a leader in selling Japanese Baseball Cards. The most we can do is to just click on his google product listing ads. Is this futile or will he finally be apprehended?

There was another thread - it was a status posted by someone thanking another (who?) for purchasing at MMP with a link - I noted 25 "Bowie's", maybe 25 "Hendrix" LP's and 4 or so signed guitars, 6 full "Doors" LP's, an electric guitar signed by "Judy Garland"...many "Beatles" with the ones with "Lennon" cheaper...several pages of full "Pink Floyd" pickguards and LP's, a "Syd Barrett" guitar or two...and all for $125 or whatever. That is just what I recall seeing! You can find this status page with Google - the member is...gone. 

Simple logic everything else aside - what are the chances of having so many desirable signatures on vintage guitars -  with aluminum pickguards? How the heck many aluminum guards are there? The chances are about as good as having a "Garland" in Sharpie...

very cool autographed guitars from bands that guitars signed by full bands dont excist.what happend to buddy holly and the crickets they could spell all there names.

maybe they have a blue dress with a stain on it to sell and  and some other crap.

thats why people  dont want to pay what stuff is really worth 

ebay and all this other crap killed the bussiness

I'm sure you already know, but the Star Wars stuff is junk as well.


Thought I'd help out

You did...I was joking around!


The Beatles "signed" guitar is pathetic!!!

Wow...thanks, Timothy!

Steve Conn is's Brian Burkel!

I bought a ac/DC lp signed from them the c.o.a. picture does not match the lp. And they told me to send it back for a refund or to fix it. I would have to pay postage and £45 customs. I've already paid 92 and a half dollars postage and £45 customs. Its not on really it was there mistake. They have now said they would refund me 35dollars and I keep the lp. And c.o.a. as is. Really dodgey I think. Love n peace Brix 


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