Autographs Authentication Store, Autograph Collectors Guild & MMP Collectibles of Las Vegas: What do you think?

[March 11, 2019 note by Steve Cyrkin: Brian Burkel, owner of MMP Collectibles, changed its name to Autograph Collectors Guild in October 2018, and then to its current name, Autographs Authentication Store in February 2019.]

MMP Collectibles of Las Vegas just popped up on a Google search:

Lots of signed music and movie memorabilia. 

Take a look. 

What do you think?

A few samples from their inventory:

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You are correct. 

I think they stole high ends memoribilas

its amazing I live in vegas and I cant get any of the stores or so called dealers to buy anything from me .they find it cheaper to make it up as they sell it


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