Autographs Authentication Store, Autograph Collectors Guild & MMP Collectibles of Las Vegas: What do you think?

[March 11, 2019 note by Steve Cyrkin: Brian Burkel, owner of MMP Collectibles, changed its name to Autograph Collectors Guild in October 2018, and then to its current name, Autographs Authentication Store in February 2019.]

MMP Collectibles of Las Vegas just popped up on a Google search:

Lots of signed music and movie memorabilia. 

Take a look. 

What do you think?

A few samples from their inventory:

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You are correct. 

I think they stole high ends memoribilas

its amazing I live in vegas and I cant get any of the stores or so called dealers to buy anything from me .they find it cheaper to make it up as they sell it

I've said it before and I'll say it again. He will never stop, just move and change the name. He's gotten "Rich" selling this Junk! He sells the items cheap, which isn't enough to make people go after him. Hardly worth the time to get $300-$400 back. Most chalk it up as a learning lesson/experience. It would cost thousands to get $300-$400 back. This is why he's still in business, cause he knows this too.




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