Hi guys as per the title, bought a Monroe cheque on eBay for $2500 and it came damaged.

I've no doubt the seller did it while removing from matting as it was perfect cond. in the listing photos. Just looking for advice on best course of action to take here?

Thanks in advance! 

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I did not remove the check, the pictures I posted are how I received it. 

If you see the screenshot i sent Ballroom, I didn't want it once I saw it was matted but he told me it was removable and in a plastic sleeve. 

His fault. Start a return case and maybe he will offer a partial refund if you want to keep it or get a full refund. Ebay will side with you and you also have buyer protection if the seller fails to pay you back.

I am confused too about this.  It seems like Al did the removal, but the seller indicated it should be easily removable.  But the initial post said it was received damaged.  

Okay I give up. Thanks for your time guys, I appreciated all your opinions have a great night! 

It was the seller who removed the check from the matting. He led Al to believe that it could be easily removed, which obviously wasn’t the case. The seller sent the check without saying anything about the damage that occurred when he removed it.

Agree with Ballroom, clearly the sellers fault. I'd email him first, if he gets annoyed or refuses or says nothing open a not as described case and you may have to return it.

A good case not to frame autographs .

It seems to me that the buyer here is entitled to either work out a deal, if one can be reached, or return the item.  I have sold items that have been matted, which I fully disclose, and would never consider removing myself, either personally or through a professional.  If the buyer wants to take that on after they get the item, that is their prerogative.  But, you don't sell an item which is allegedly removable, and then damage it when it turns out that it is not.  If, as a seller, you do that, you should fully expect to refund the purchase price, current financial circumstances notwithstanding.  Ebay and/or paypal will give you the credit, and they will then extract the funds from the seller.

Thanks guys for all the helpful advice.

Just a quick update, at $200 I didn't feel the sellers partial refund offer was fair so I will be returning it. Shame, but nevermind can't win em all. 



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