I would have to guess it would be one that commands the most money and therefore is worth attempting. It would have to be either somewhat rare or simply highly sought after. Remembering that some famous people do not always sign much, i.e. Steve Jobs or some died young. A few that come to mind under the category of "valuable" but not necessarily rare, might be:
     ++ Babe Ruth, all 4 Beatles at one time, John Wayne, Elvis Presley, JFK and Marilyn Monroe.
I've seen terrible examples of these signers yet they always tend to sell for big bucks. I'll let others continue this thread so now it's YOUR turn.

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my vote is for Tom Brady.  If you look at Ebay at any point in time, you will see that 95% of the autographs are fake, with most of them being absolutely brutal.

here are two Travolta signatures I received through the mail (at the same time) I sent him the LP cover and it was returned along with a photo he provided.

what do you think?


Harry, & Mike,,,, moved (copied) these responses over to my secretarials as they appear as TTM and thus fall nicely into that thread.  If possible use the Secretarials Thread for added comments.  thx in advance.


Mike, no harm no foul... the responses are what's important.

Mickey Mantle

Thanks for all the responses to my topic.I'll take full credit and may I add:Any recently deceased celebrity is fair game for forgers. For instance, anyone want to buy my Steve Jobs autograph I personally got from him yesterday?

Actually he told me he was dead on his feet, but that's what you can expect from an icon like Jobs...what a guy!



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