Movie Poster Alexander signed Angelina Jolie, Anthony Hopkins ... genuine ?

I bought this movie poster signed by Angelina Jolie, Val Kilmer, Anthony Hopkins,
Colin Farrel und Oliver Stone. It was signed to the production company „International Media“. After the company went out of business the poster was obtained of the person selling it to me.

If his story is true and if the signatures are genuine is what I wonder. Any help would be appreciated.


I can only upload this picture at the moment because I am currently not at home.


Here are now more detailed pictures.






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I agree I also was looking at pictures of Anthony Hopkins Autographs and the one one the poster looks off.


Uploaded more detailed Pictures of the Signatures.

Any thought would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Could someone take a look at the Angelina Jolie signature and let me know what you think ?

Thank you.

Hi Andy, I'm not the best person to ask on these. Can you post them? The link is OK. Angelina looks good though but I don't know he handwriting. That will be very telling.


Thank you.

The picture links are in my first post of this topic.

Here is the Angelina Jolie signature again.

Attachments: No photo uploads here



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