This was another one of my famous Zurich fleamarket buys. I've had it a few years now. It is a big beast at 16" x 12" and is on professional photo paper.

Full shot

I've attached a image of the autograph as well.

I assume the autograph is real because the woman selling it had a very accurate story about how she herself had received it from Ali as a thank you for some work she had done for him during a visit to Germany and Ali was in Germany on the date the photo was supposedly signed:

The date is actually somewhat significant in another way but for the wrong reasons. It falls slap bang in the middle of his tests for Parkinsons. He was actually diagnosed soon after returning from Europe.

I find slightly odd that Ali would sign a photo of himself on the ropes. From my background reading I know that Ali did sign photos of this size. Does anyone know if he had a whole stack that he took around to give out?

The other thing that I find unusual is that he has written his surname in two parts to avoid the black stripes in his trunks. He was a very thoughtful guy if he always did such a thing.

Am I right in thinking this is authentic?

Not being a boxing fan I'm ashamed to admit that I don't know who Ali is fighting in the photo and when the fight was. Any help on this too?

My father got Ali's autograph in a supermarket in Norwich, UK by the way. Ali was signing Ovaltine cans of all things. Perhaps not his finest moment (Ali's that is).My sister still has the label somewhere.

Here's the story if anyones's interested:

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This doesn't look to me like it was signed by Ali himself, but let's see what others say.

Compare the "Muh" especially to examples on, and I think you'll see why I say that. The differences in the 'h' in particular. 

Perhaps it was signed by an assistant on the tour.



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