Would love to hear this is real but I have my doubts.  Authentic Munsters cast-signed photos including Fred Gwynne seem rare which makes me suspicious.  Also, the "Pat" in "Pat Priest" and "Butch Patrick" look very similar to me (although they look similar to me in authentic examples as well).  However, with similar pen for all but Fred Gwynne, signatures look like they may be in the same hand. 

Thank you for taking a look and sharing your comments.

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Strikes me as same hand (what I can see on my phone).

Thank you for taking a look and providing feedback Ian.  I am not sure it would look any different on a larger screen.  ;) 

The similarity of the "Pat" in "(Pat) Priest" and "Butch (Pat)rick" concerned me but they are similar in authentic examples as well.  Below is an authentic example from RR Auction archive. 

Was hoping for the best but expecting the worst.  I appreciate your help.

no good in my opinion

Thank you Cory.  I have gone back and forth on this one so appreciate others sharing their opinions.  The Yvonne DeCarlo signature seems the most off to me since she appears to almost always include the loop on her "C" as in the authentic RR Auction example but not in my example.  

A frequent comment on this forum is "fakes are intended to look like the real signatures".  I am impressed by the level of expertise on this forum and appreciate everyone who takes the time to share what they know.  I appreciate you.


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