I guess this thread is doomed to be a classic "0" replies example but does anyone know of a museum with a comprehensive collection of post-1900 entertainment autographs?

It's not that hard to find musuems with examples of classical composers and long-gone politicians but I'm struggling to find any with "popular culture" people like Monroe.  

Any country will do but I'd be most interested in UK museums.  

I'm reaching that age when you start to think about wills. I'd like to give my "better bits" to a museum, if I can find one that would take them. 

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We have a Marilyn Monroe forum and you can find examples there. Plus we have a moderator there who's quite good on her.:


Thanks Steve, I'm not actually looking for examples of particular entertainment stars' autographs  but rather to find a museum that might be interested in having some of my more interesting autographs (as a donation) when I'm gone. I'm not planning to "go" anytime soon but you never know... 

You don't chase cars, do you?

Eva, there's a good chance a museum will sell them, since they often need money, so if you find one that says they're interested in displaying them, be sure to get in writing that they will be curated and displayed for at least a number of years. 

Having your autographs sold, or gifting certain ones to friends that you know will love them, could be a good option too. 


How about posting some of your favorite ones here so members can enjoy them today?

Hi Steve,

I don't chase cars but I do eat some pretty dubious stuff lying about on the street or in the woods.

I'll see what I can do. It probably won't be today but I should have time over the next weeks and months given the current lockdown over here. I'll be starting to sort through my things anyway.

I expect a lot of people are feeling pretty mortal at the moment but this rather morbid topic of estate planning has been on my mind for a few years now.

There's a newfound appreciation for food found outside the market these days, so you're ahead of your time. A true leader.

OK, post when you want to. No doubt members will be looking forward to it.



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