John Densmore Says 'No!' to Future Autographs, But We Still Have Some...               (((Link)))
John Densmore recently posted on his website: The last several years I have been so flooded with requests that it is interfering with my personal life, and I am going to have to stop. Fans (or opportunists from ebay) track me when I land at any airport, follow me into the bathroom, and hang around my hotel, looking for my John Henry. It is unfortunate, but I have to draw the line.


Is it just me or is it weird when celebs make announcements about not signing? Ringo Starr made a similar pronouncement a while back. I guess it keeps us from sending mail but I would almost prefer they say nothing. It is almost as if the celeb's fans are being told "you are too big of a hassle, don't ask for an autograph." 


This may be partially sour grapes on my part. I love the Doors and have been waiting for an autograph from Mr. Densmore since December.

What do you think?

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He took Ray and Robbie to court about The Doors of the 21st Century, but has taken part in some book/CD signings in the past ("The Doors By The Doors" book was fairly recent) , and sounds like he has no intention of doing any more Doors promotions.  I doubt he's getting chased down as much as he says he is.


Ray and Robbie are still out there touring, and Ray's always doing some event or other around LA w/McClure. 



Is Robbie no longer signing anything (aka period/zipp/ziltch/nada) on the streets, or in public, or also in private behind close door suit and tie events?  Will he no longer sign at any book events or charity events, or for industry people as well. Will he no longer (if at all ever) sign through the mail?

Whatever his intentions and wishes are is of course his business. I just wish these celebrity proclomations would be very clear and specific and not be so "anger" driven. If he is tired of being chased on the streets, then use the 21st century technology that we all have and offer a website where fans can purchase signed items.  If William Shatner can do it, how hard can it be?

David Gilmour has what amounts to a no signing policy and says so on his website as well.

Manzarek signed for me ttm in December and it is much appreciated. I sent to the other guys but they did not get back with me.

I don't know if Krieger is signing any more.

The Doors are my favorite band. So, let me clarify a few things (I've interviewed all band members numerous times).


They don't come any classier than drummer John Densmore (side note: why did he say "chasing me for my John Henry? Isn't it John Hancock?)


Densmore wasn't out and about as much as the other Doors. He did stuff with a band called Tribal Jazz, and ALWAYS signed at the shows. He signed thru the mail ALL THE TIME.


The difference between him, and that other drummer -- RINGO -- is that Ringo NEVER SIGNED in person. Always turned you down. ALWAYS. Even told Howard Stern he despises autograph hunters. Stern laughed and said "It's so easy to keep walking and sign as you walk, I do it all the time at the airport, what's the problem?"


I think when somebody gets 100s of pieces in the mail a day, and are hounded in airport bathrooms -- they have to make a proclamation like that. Just so people don't waste their time or money. And he'd probably still sign under the right circumstances.


Ray is tough. He's gotten tougher over the years, probably because of all the dealers.


And the reason Densmore sued the other two doors, makes a lot of sense, too. He didn't want to be in the new Doors, unless it was a singer he approved. He didn't approve of the first one (Ian Astbury of The Cult). He told them they couldn't use the name THE DOORS. They asked if they could say 21st Century Doors. He agreed (which was nice of him, no?). AND what happened? AT EVERY CON CERT, tickets and posters said "THE DOORS". On The Tonight Show -- it said "The Doors."


He sued, and won. As he should've.


I seen Ringo at the wildhorse saloon tell a kid that was dressed like a beatle " I'm not signing your damn album ". It's sad But I almost can't blame him. It would've Just ended up on ebay. Autograph hounds are ruining it.
I go to ebay and see nothing but ttm Ringo Autographs. He was signing just for people to put on eBay and it pissed him off.
Your right Mike, in any event its sad. I've got Ringo autographs vintage and newer but I'd love to have one dedicated to me. That's not going to happen anytime soon LOL.

I've ALWAYS doubted the in mail signatures from Ringo. I got a few, and R&R always sells them, but...for somebody that hates signing as much as him, it just seemed to me, that he has a secretary or somebody that has his signature donw.


Epperson, care to comment on your opinion about his mail signature?

Isnt it all part of the fame thing which correct me if i,m wrong they wanted in the first place?.


They should do what George Carlin did. He always had a breif case full of signed headshots. any time a fan would ask for a autograph he would give them one.



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