Though I recall a member posting a blog asking about this a while ago, I could not relocate it for my purpose in this discussion.

It can be nice when one stumbles upon a musician's shop (via their website), to see that they are selling their autographs. Stephen Duncan has referred to this as a 'win-win' situation. I figured this could grow as a wee database for listing those musicians who partake in this.

I recently recieved a couple press photos signed in ballpoint from John Mayall's website ( I am also aware that you can purchase signed CDs from Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits( John 5 ( formerly Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie guitarist) sells various items signed, with an option to dedicate.


So, does anyone else know of this being done by other musicians?

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So what is that being signed exactly?

This is not the actual Projekt, this is co-signed by Janet Macoska...

When someone finds out if vinyl or cd signed please post. I am considering but will only purchase if vinyl signed
I couldn't wait to see if vinyl or cd signed. I had to buy before sold out. I emailed them asking that very question so we'll see. Can always cancel preorde if CD and not vinyl. Check out receipt, almost looks like both are signed
Here's the skinny in the Jimmy page signed Chris Farlowe release

Jimmy and Chris Farlowe have, by hand, co-signed the deluxe editions of the release.

The product comprises four elements:

- the outer sleeve

- 12-inch vinyl and inner bag

- CD and mounted board

- personal liner notes and credits insert

They have both signed the insert sheet.

The deluxe edition packaging is distinguishable from the standard edition because the inside of the sleeves (which contain the vinyl, CD and personal liner notes insert) are printed metallic gold (the standard edition is plain).
Good it's not the cd, not sure how I feel about the insert sheet being signed rather than the record jscket.

what is the insert sheet going to look like? are the signatures going to be on a clear area?

By "insert sheet," we aren't referring to the inner paper sleeve of a vinyl record, are we? If that's the case, I'll pass.

Agreed - I really hope its an insert that resembles the album cover - like Barnes and Noble does.  Would be great to find out.. 


I'm thinking probably, but I don't know for sure obviously. The fact that this is a higher quality package overall does offer some hope.

i just emailed them asking what the deluxe signed inner sleeve looks like....hopefully they will respond with a picture



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