Though I recall a member posting a blog asking about this a while ago, I could not relocate it for my purpose in this discussion.

It can be nice when one stumbles upon a musician's shop (via their website), to see that they are selling their autographs. Stephen Duncan has referred to this as a 'win-win' situation. I figured this could grow as a wee database for listing those musicians who partake in this.

I recently recieved a couple press photos signed in ballpoint from John Mayall's website ( I am also aware that you can purchase signed CDs from Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits( John 5 ( formerly Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie guitarist) sells various items signed, with an option to dedicate.


So, does anyone else know of this being done by other musicians?

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That would be correct. Not sure why anyone would buy from that guy again..

Someone posted about that guy last year. Last time I checked, he was a middle aged musician struggling to sell out small clubs. I guess he thinks he's entitled to that ego cause of Dad's legacy.

Bill Wyman - "White Lightning - The Solo Box (Vinyl)" with autographed 12 x 12 to 500 at Amazon UK

You are awesome!  Bought a copy for myself and my older brother who actually saw the Rolling Stones.  Thank you so much!

Saw them way back when in 1970 with Tina Turner (with Ike) and Deep Purple. Awesome show.

Thanks for the info...just ordered one.

Got my signed CD booklet.  I was expecting just the two main guys but came back with 4 sigs on it...

How's it compare with those who ordered?


Brad Paisley signed cd pre-order on Amazon.

Afghan Whigs signed vinyl at Barnes and Noble:

And curiously enough Bob's Burgers Vinyl box set pre-order that comes with an autographed poster for $74.99 but doesn't say who it's signed by..

Body Count (Ice T's heavy metal band) pre-order package for $60 that includes a signed cd

Incubus 2 signed bundle pre-orders, cheapest is $44:

Seether Bundle with nice signed poster but at a cost: $119:



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