Though I recall a member posting a blog asking about this a while ago, I could not relocate it for my purpose in this discussion.

It can be nice when one stumbles upon a musician's shop (via their website), to see that they are selling their autographs. Stephen Duncan has referred to this as a 'win-win' situation. I figured this could grow as a wee database for listing those musicians who partake in this.

I recently recieved a couple press photos signed in ballpoint from John Mayall's website ( I am also aware that you can purchase signed CDs from Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits( John 5 ( formerly Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie guitarist) sells various items signed, with an option to dedicate.


So, does anyone else know of this being done by other musicians?

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If you paid, $50 for the book it was a signed copy. As soon as the signed copies ran out the price dropped to $44.95.

Belly - various signed posters (50%off till 27 Nov)

UK/EU store

US Store

Kate Bush ‘How to be Invisible’  signed book (orders open 10am tomorrow 22nd Nov):

not for over $150...pass

Got one, Thank you! :-)

(Out of stock, after 10 min)

Over 35 years ago I got a personal response from Kate to a fan letter I sent, signed on her stationary. Got shut out on the book, but I’m good!

New Carpenters LP with signed litho by Richard Carpenter

I have no issue with celebrities selling signed stuff on their websites or through dealers. That's a much easier way to get a genuine signed item than getting stung on eBay or some other disreputable dealer. There was a famous painter named Basil Gogos who painted some iconic images of movie monsters who sold signed/inscribed items on through Facebook and Twitter when he was living. I bought several signed items from him that he also personalized. The whole experience was so much more meaningful and personal than buying an item from a dealer. Thanks for sharing that extensive list.

Agreed. I picked up a couple sigs from Juliette Lewis recently and based on the handwriting on the envelope, Im quite certain she sent them personally. And to me, thats super cool!

Still waiting...

Just any FYI, I received a shipping notice for Mumford and Sons today.. you guys can stop sweating now..

Also, Bon Jovi was offering free signed cds with a $150 minimum order from their website for black Friday... that's a lot of bon jovi gear but may be worth it for a superfan 


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