I purchase several autograph cards on Etsy, at rock bottom prices. Here is the dealer I purchased

from: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Tayjaycards

The dealer currently has 600+ autographed cards currently for sale. Advice me of my stupidity if any.

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Jay B -

I'm not an expert on most of these autographs, but familiar enough to give my opinion (as others have) that they are fake. However, I would consider myself an expert on one particular 'celebrity', and the examples shown are definitely forgeries. One can debate that it's only 'my opinion'.

You're strongly defending the sellers items by stating they've passed authenticity. So... prove it.

Upload a photo of a 'raw' autograph that you purchased (proving it was on etsy - screenshot works). And than show us the same item authenticated. PSA would slab a card. Any of the big items would come with a full LOA from JSA or PSA.  That would support your claims.

I have a few more coming back in the next week or so. And I will post everyone. I've sold the others. They were authenticated and I sold them. I buy sell and trade cards for a living. I sold those right away. If they were forgeries then I feel a little bad about it. But PSA and JSA said that they were 100% authentic. When the burrow and soto come back I will post them. Along with everything that proves that they came from him. Oh and a Tatis as well. 

If that’s the case, may I ask why you aren’t buying more items? Who would pass up an authentic Michael Jordan signed card for $14?

I buy what my customers are looking for. If one of them said hey I'm looking for a Jordan auto I'd get one. PSA. I do well enough. I buy what my customers ask me for. And sell the other cards I get. Not sure I have too many people that would ask me for PSA auto Jordan. Tatis,Burrow,Kobe once,Vlad Jr,soto, players like that I get asked a lot. That's why I have a Tatis,burrow,and others out right now. Sure I guess I could buy some Jordans and send them in. You got the money to buy it from me if I do? Because I will. I deal in buying cards that I already have a customer for(get my down payment). Buy the card send the card out get the card back and get the rest of my money. Repeat. You want to put a down payment on a Jordan PSA auto I'll get you it. 

Dude, stop. Your entire angle has been what you can get TPAs to bless off on while selling yourself as some kind of pro. No one here is impressed by these types of stories. 

If you have some evidence to back up anything you’re saying, go ahead and present it. Meanwhile, if you keep talking to us like we’re idiots, we’re more than happy to return the sentiment.

Considering the prices of these items, you don’t need a down payment from anyone. If they were authentic, you would have plenty of customers and you’d make a nice profit.

The whole point of the down payment is I'm selling these for 1,000 plus once they are authenticated and when I do grab one for 14$ I definitely don't want my customer knowing. And I don't want people backing out of the purchase. They put half down on the card that is my money whether or not they come back for the card. They obviously come back. I don't care who believes what. I was just trying to leave a simple message about my experience in dealing with the seller. Smh.  I know Im being truthful about my experience. If I ever get one back that is not real then I'll talk garbage about him but until then I'll continue buying. 

And PSA did slab the card. The auto was authenticated and stated so on  the tab as PSA does.PSA dna certified. My last JSA  came with the sticker on it and the JSA authentication cardboard thing they they give you with your number on it. And the typed out letter with the picture of the item. Anywho I'll post the next ones submitted with everything showing it came from him. The guys site has plenty of sales. He or they don't need me so singing their praises to get sales daily. I'm just telling my experience with it. Whether they were good enough forgeries to pass authentication,or they were real the fact is they were authenticated,and they were sold by me as so as stated by PSA and JSA. And not too proud to say I made a ridiculous profit off of those 4 cards. When you pay $14 for an autographed card and you then invest less than $100 into it for authentication. Then sell said card for $2,000. It's a good day. I don't condone forging at all by any means. If two of the top companies are telling me they are legit then they are legit. 

As the others say, $14 for a Jordan would make anyone buy it if they could flip it for $2k whether they had a buyer or not. Any seller looks for items to sell to their clients not just wait for them to request items.

It's quite clear you are either the seller/ forger and you'd be able to go into your account or email and retrieve screenshots of the items purchased and then show the letters from PSA or JSA proving this happened but we all know it's as likely as Hillary becoming President!

"... If two of the top companies are telling me they are legit then they are legit..."

Errant thinking. Would that were true. I just had 50% of the Gleason's at the PSA facts page removed for being idiotic forgeries. And that is just one celebrity and little old me. I trust certain eyes here over any TPG to assist if I need it.

I can clearly tell you that virtually every card you showed in your pictures, if not every one, are forgeries.  There are enough similarities to clearly see they are signed in the same hand. There is not one signature that looks like it should.  


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