"My Father was in it. My Uncle was in it. Maybe i was too lazy to think for myself..."

Are there any Sopranos collectors/fans out there who could help me with this?

I've had this signed poster in my collection for a few years now. It's signed on a really heavyweight card poster - think it's official HBO merchandise.

Would really appreciate any comments or feedback on this.


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Okay, so this has got to be my favourite TV show to have hailed from the US. Absolutely flawless - in every way.


Looking at the signatures, i believe they're the real McCoy, but would be highly interested to hear the opinions of, well, anybody really.

I've attached some alternative pictures of the piece below. Including a picture of the reverse - the reason being that the ink is showing, and like i've mentioned previously, this is some heavy duty material - official HBO merchandise i think.

Warmest thanks for stopping by and taking a look! All comments highly appreciated.

Judge, focusing in solely on the ones I know fairly well, I've never seen a Van Zandt autograph quite this legible, all letters discernible. Typically, I've seen what amounts to Stevie VZ or S l ___ V z, something like that, not all the letters legibly written with interconnections that look untypical.  Same with Gandolfini. I'm used to seeing J "A" and maybe a few interconnecting illegible lines, not a semi-legibly written name with logical, symmetrical architecture like this. I'm going solely by pieces I've seen gotten in person.

Thanks, Woody. I must admit, wasn't too sure on Van Zandt or James Gandolfini - seen so many different variations of JG's autograph - from squiggles to really elaborate, so have no idea about his. What swung it for me was Michael Imporioli's and Dominic Chainese's, as theirs seem to be quite distinct and fairly consistant. As do Drea De Mateo and Tony Sirco's. Apologies, by the way if i've not spelt their names correctly!

I bought this some years before James Gandolfini died, so at the time didn't believe there would be reason to forge this. I'm learning quickly that this isn't the case.

This would break my heart if it is a forgery, but i'd still rather know than pretend to myself that it's genuine.

Many thanks once again, Woody. Learning lots from your observations, knowledge and comments.

Be well!



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