I did post this in forums under authenticity options as well.

I have this suit my father and I got signed when I was really young.
I still have this suit and am wondering how do I go about getting it authenticated and appraised. I plan on selling the suit but would like to get a fair price. Any price suggestions would be appreciated as well.
If anyone sees a autograph they might recognize please let me know.

(Unknown Autographs
I have done some research and think I have a few guesses on a couple of the autographs.(List provided below)
Would definitely appreciate any information anyone can give me including if im wrong about any signatures.
I have photos of each individual autographs.
If you are interested in helping me I can send them to you just let me know.

1.-----Unknown-----                 21.Dale Earnhardt
2.-----Unknown-----                 22.Derrike Cope
3.-----Unknown-----                 23.Jimmy Means
4.Ernie Irvan                          24.Hut stricklin
5.-----Unknown-----                 25.Junior Johnson
6.Kenny Wallace                      26.Dale Jerrett
7.Bobby Allison                       27.Kyle petty
8.David Allison                        28.Brett Bondine
9.Morgan Shepherd                  29.-----Unknown-----
10.Ricky Rudd                         30.-----Unknown-----
11.Jeff Gordon                        31.Richard Petty
12.Rusty Wallace                     32.Geoffrey Bondine
13.-----Unknown-----                33.Darrell Waltrip
14.Dick Trickle                        34.Ward Burton
15.Terry Labonte                     35.Bill Elliott
16.Shawna Robison                  36.Jimmy Hensley
17.Bobby Labonte                    37.Alan Kulwicki
18.Sterling Marlin                    38.Ricky Mast
19.Dave Marcis                       39.-----Unknown-----
20.Mark Martin                        40.-----Unknown-----

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your #30 on your list is likely Robbie Loomis who

worked as crew chief for Petty and Jeff Gordon in the

day.....comparing your sig with some out there, it

looks pretty close....wish your other sigs on the legs

were clearer....still working though..


i believe the #40 on your list is Ted Musgrave.....

still looking at the others...


Your #1 on the list is Tony Glover...crew chief for Ernie Irvin back in the day....

still working on the rest..

your #29 on the list is driver Rick Wilson....these are some

old guys on here...but many of them are very good...


If you can send me better close up pics of #2, 3,5,13 and 39, i may be able to figure them out...I think that your #39

is bill standridge...and thats a guess base on the way the sig loops back at the end and covers the beginning of the last name...he usually drove as Billy and i don't see the Y in his first name...but given its a lousy picture, i still think it might be him....

i would love to figure out the others if you will get me a better pictures...

that is it for now...

Sorry I could not back to you sooner. Thank you for all the work you are doing. Great help. Here are the photos of 2,3,5,13, and 39.

that first signature - your #2 - is an ugly michael waltrip....he's  one of my favorite guys....his signature has improved alot over the years....he's a good signer....that one you have there is a stinker but you can see all the I's being dotted and a loose W....plus how the "trip" in his last name gives me a strong feeling that it's him...the Michael part is weird but that suit is probably 1992 or 93....thats is a long time ago....the others are tough to figure out...still working on it.....thanks


okay...i am done...i can't figure out the others...it is a nice piece with an early jeff gordon sig, a nice richard petty and several other quality sigs....but no Earnhardt Sr...

hard to say what it might be worth but it'll be less since there is no Earnhardt....

good luck with this one....


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