Just curious what you folks thought or knew about these items. Thank you!

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not authentic

ford, mantle, martin is not authentic

Geez, what a bunch of crap.

Freaking "Florida" forgeries.

By the way, Jeffry, Chris "I Never Saw An Autograph I Didn't Like" Morales, is on Ebay's Banned COA list and deservedly so.


Aw I missed that. I've checked their list before. Thank you. But isn't that just a money thing? Like eBay only authorizes those certain authenticators because they partner with them? I have some PSA and JSA stuff too from Jordan and Shaq etc...but they've been wrong before too (Although I know they have a generally good track record) Some of the stuff I had is old and maybe wasn't presented to JSA at the time

What about the "Life" magazine one? It was from a different place and doesn't have a Florida Authentication

Ball yes, photo's are no good.

The Joe DiMaggio on that baseball is beautiful.

Stupid Florida...why do we always have to embarrass ourselves? I hate to ask such a vague question...but signed baseballs (I have a lot) seem to be the main thing I've been moving. What do you think that group signed baseball could, would, or should sell for?

This is the only other Mantle ball I have not sold yet. He's joined by Bob Feller and another sig I don't recognize

that is a beautiful ball and the other signature is George Steinbrenner.  Authentic


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