Just curious what you folks thought or knew about these items. Thank you!

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I noticed this Koufax forgery is being listed on eBay currently. Is this your listing?

Yeah. I listed it before, pretty confidently, since all the balls I've had are real or already authenticated =(  .....oh well, I'll take it down or modify until I find out if it's real or not.

well...my roommates account, but my ball. Haha I promise I would not have an Alabama reference in my account lol. I'm from Miami and I'm still here

I wanted to be sure so I checked for you Jeffry. JSA charges 75 for Mantle and PSA is 100. It's free here and I trust the guys here a bit more than a high school kid looking at a bunch of exemplars for 2 minutes. PSA & JSA do an excellent job with Mantle, IMHO however.

Also, that bugs/Mantle piece you were comparing your fake to, is indeed real. It was authenticated by upperdeck. While the $3,495.00 price tag is just about $3,350 OVER PRICED LOLOLOLOLLLLLLLLOLO (worth a buck fifty IMHO) at least it is real and certification by upperdeck is as iron clad as you're gonna get. 

Koufax is questionable. Strange S.

What about this one? The authentication company was not on eBay's banned list.

Typical GAI certed forgeries.

GAI went bankrupt in 2009 after certing thousands upon thousands of Mantle, DiMaggio, Mays, Williams, etc. forgeries.


Real or not? No authentication...



One of the worst Joe D attempts I've ever seen... 

Make mental note....when you see that Mantle/Mays photo "with pork chop finger point", run like rabbit with thorn in paw. I have NEVER seen that pose with an authentic signature. Fake 10,000 out of 10,000



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