Recently received this signed JFK photo from my father who has had it since he was very young. I would love some input as to whether people have seen similar items out there and what it might be worth. 

I'm new to the collecting world, so I'm not sure what steps I should take to A.) get the item authenticated and B.) properly protect/encase the item so I can display it while also keeping it properly protected.

Any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Shane! Can you post the actual photo here? You linked a pdf file as an attachment that needs to be downloaded, we are no longer using attachments as it isn't easily visible. Here is a link on how to post a photi if you need help. Thanks!

Just updated it, Thanks for letting me know!

Unfortunately, this is a common JFK autopen signed photo...machine-signed...not by JFK himself.  It does have some value, but I’d say probably not more than $200.  Similar autopen signatures on letters have sold for over $100, so my estimate is based on that.  It’s still a nice piece of history.

Darn, not the best news, but still a cool item...



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