I purchased this with the intention of framing it with my artwork, and then reselling it. Since my background is mainly Sports, I wanted to have it checked before passing it on to anyone else. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Thanks, Michael.

I sincerely appreciate those kind words. I have been a collector for over 30 years, and have really seen a change in the type of dealers/sellers in that time. The percentage of fraud on eBay alone is staggering. I recently started pairing autograph cuts with my artwork, in order to make my work stand out as different. I pride myself in making sure I do my homework first before ever selling anything. I recently came across AML and wish I would have found it years ago. The wealth of knowledge that you and the other members have on here is phenomenal. Keep up the good work, and thanks again for the pat on the back.


I second that Steve. 

Me to ... No is my opinion.

Autographs ... Gee Wiz, ... Hope you get many good ones.

Thanks Scott ...

Thanks Michael for the input
Yes, Scott, that's very good of you to want to be honest. Too bad your seller didn't have similar ethics.
Thanks to you too for the kind words James



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