I've been doing a little digging (alot) on my Steve McQueen autograph and I can't tell if it's a real or a fake, it's so hard to be objective in this mather since I really want it to be authentic. I've been looking at signatures from 1975-80 and I've found some examples that is similar to mine. PSA/DNA examples and checks http://www.mcqueenonline.com/cheque.htm  and in some examples he writes the "To" like mine. He sometimes writes different T's. Anyway I would appreciate any opinions; positive or negative.I just want to come with peace with this autograph since it's kinda driving me nuts. If I didnt live in Sweden I would send it to PSA/DNA, but the custom would be to much. I do know it's not a traditional McQueen signature we usually see, if it's real it's probably from the end of the 70's.

I bought it from a ebay seller named "majormjk" 2008, he doesnt have an account on ebay anymore but his name was Zach Kaplan. It came with a coa from Herman Darvick, made some time between 2005-08. I've doing some reading on Darvick and found some rather unpleasent articles about him forgering presidential autographs and such. makes me wounder, could he have forged this McQueen sig?

That's all I have on it. Oh one more thing, what does it say after "To Richard" ........... ?

Some help would be very appreciated.

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I agree to "best wishes" or "love"....but a strangers name is not what you would want....I mean Really, Would you want that Framed on your wall? No, I would think that you would want it by Itself... Maybe you don't know the significance of that.....

No, you obviously don't know what I would want, as you chose to phrase it, and thus I suggest it is you who may not fully appreciate the importance of such dedications/inscriptions, as you so rightfully have suggested unprovoked. Indeed, I have already described in some detail the Monroe menu - in that case additional information was of extreme use ultimately to the very authenticity of the item. Responses were indeed redacted, but that signature was thought good, initially. However... 

A very large percentage of my collection compiled over almost 50 years are inscribed photographs, album pages and index cards.  Personally I love having it inscribed to an individual with the more writing the better. I like it even better when I know the exact collection it came from. I agree the trend among younger collector's is certainly towards the "name only" it is not universal.  I also agree that while fewer inscribed autographs are probably forged (exceptions of big ticket items like Presley, Monroe, Beatles etc) a majority of secretarial autographs are personally inscribed. 

I like as much ink as possible, even if it's to someone else. I mean, where the Hell am I going to find a piece from anybody personalized, "To My Pal, Woody 2 Shoes. Lots of luck, and live 1000 years", right? I'll take what I can get!  8o)

Sometimes they copy an inscription verbatim, among with the signature, as we saw here on this forum with a forged Marilyn Monroe piece, the "To Carlton, xxxx, xxxx, xxxxxx, xxxx , etc. Love. MM" copied in it's entirety by the forger.

Indeed. Wasn't this the one you recognized? But to the other point by Josh that I was also responding to, your posted Monroe provides a perfect example. Who would NOT want "To XXX, Love & Kisses" from her? Or JoeW's E. Taylor signed at a picnic while making Raintree County - even noted "12.30 PM" or something. I just love that! I really believe more is more. 

+1! Love inscriptions. I'll take a signature at the bottom of a shopping list, if the signor wrote it all, over a stand alone signature. The more ink, the merrier! :)

No, unless the autograph is signed to you,...Less is More.

Show your work here please. I know what sells, but that is not always what is truly quality. To me this is "small thinking" - there are several billion folks running around here - to only value your own name...I do not discount the obvious value of meeting your idol, but...how is less more? If we divide the number of price by the number of letters...well, that is obvious. Not having anything apart from signature...makes some things harder. Recall the Monroe menu? It was thought by some OK, until it was shown by the dating of the menu to 1962 that the signature, which was a 1952 signing style, that it was false. So additional information is of great value to me.

Dedications and inscriptions also serve to place the item in the timeline in the life of the artist, gives it dimension etc. 

For example - you would choose an LP signed "Tom Petty" or an LP signed "To Mary Keep Going! Love, Tom Petty"?

Different strokes. One man's treasure.... 8)

A Brando that says, To Hector....) Perfect, I would never buy an autograph signed to another person. That would look "so" nice on the wall, of your favorite artist....NOT!!! Thanks Josh....-Teresa

What about someone like Frank Oz? You would choose a "restored" (edited) wiped SP over a proper dedication as he is I believe known for? Not buying any autographs with dedications eliminates a LARGE chunk of material you have not even seen...I can't agree with that.



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