I've been doing a little digging (alot) on my Steve McQueen autograph and I can't tell if it's a real or a fake, it's so hard to be objective in this mather since I really want it to be authentic. I've been looking at signatures from 1975-80 and I've found some examples that is similar to mine. PSA/DNA examples and checks http://www.mcqueenonline.com/cheque.htm  and in some examples he writes the "To" like mine. He sometimes writes different T's. Anyway I would appreciate any opinions; positive or negative.I just want to come with peace with this autograph since it's kinda driving me nuts. If I didnt live in Sweden I would send it to PSA/DNA, but the custom would be to much. I do know it's not a traditional McQueen signature we usually see, if it's real it's probably from the end of the 70's.

I bought it from a ebay seller named "majormjk" 2008, he doesnt have an account on ebay anymore but his name was Zach Kaplan. It came with a coa from Herman Darvick, made some time between 2005-08. I've doing some reading on Darvick and found some rather unpleasent articles about him forgering presidential autographs and such. makes me wounder, could he have forged this McQueen sig?

That's all I have on it. Oh one more thing, what does it say after "To Richard" ........... ?

Some help would be very appreciated.

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Then you buy an Autograph with someone else's name on it....Even if I found a "great' deal on a Jim Morrison, with a strangers name....I wouldn't buy it....It isn't as valuable and or "sentimental" to the buyer.(Like Josh Board said, "would you really want a Brando signed to Hector"......I wouldn't. (That would just look great framed on the wall,) Not!...

Which do you think more likely to find, a  signed photo, a photo inscribed to someone else, or a photo inscribed to you personally? Add in the undated and dated yet uninscribed...I don't know how such a position could be maintained if you desire context to give the signature that third dimension of place, space and time. I say again, more is more. Less in NOT more. Context is very important to me anyway. I chose to buy the recent Billy Corgan because 1996 is when I saw him most frequently. I can't remember how many times I saw him in '96. I recall having tix for the night Melvoin died, and then Chamberlain was fired, and then rescheduled concerts in September (?) in Jersey and another in NY which was at the same time as some Bowie concerts. A lot in one week! It was...very hard, but I managed to struggle along.  

Well its Great that you got that Autograph, but I guess we have different tastes regarding autographs, I respect your opinions though,,,-Teresa

As I do yours, Teresa. But, in the physical sense, singularly, as one believes you are speaking, how can one value less as more? I mean, how can the lack of the triangulation in what...time and space...be...more? What this means and can mean. The time and space...of...IN...an artist's life...how can this be superseded or discounted by something NOT written to an individual...by a lone signature? This I do not understand. 

The majority of collectors today don't care for inscriptions on their items. They care even less for items inscribed to someone else. That is a fact that inscription lovers have to deal with. Peter Cushing signed Star Wars 8x10s inscribed may get to the $2000 mark, but uninscribed can bring double or triple that figure. Timeframe, space and history are trumped by perceived value especially when it comes to future resale. If 8 or 9 of 10 collectors prefer uninscribed, the piece will sell far better later.

I have no choice but to agree with Teresa on that matter

That being said, the McQueens that this thread is talking about, posted by Linus and Carl do not match Steve's signatures from these timeframes. The S, the t, the heights of each letter, the baseline, the M, lack of c in Linus' sample, and the Q are formed unlike anything McQueen signed.

I don't believe that any TPA will be able to provide a single example to match these to, in order to authenticate them.     

Well, as I said, I know what sells, but that is not my measure.

I also note some of the first observations in the thread were partly based on the inscription. Not fully, but it was of some use.

Thank you Pete Chuka for the uninscribed autograph value of an artist. Good facts stated.-Teresa




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