I've been doing a little digging (alot) on my Steve McQueen autograph and I can't tell if it's a real or a fake, it's so hard to be objective in this mather since I really want it to be authentic. I've been looking at signatures from 1975-80 and I've found some examples that is similar to mine. PSA/DNA examples and checks http://www.mcqueenonline.com/cheque.htm  and in some examples he writes the "To" like mine. He sometimes writes different T's. Anyway I would appreciate any opinions; positive or negative.I just want to come with peace with this autograph since it's kinda driving me nuts. If I didnt live in Sweden I would send it to PSA/DNA, but the custom would be to much. I do know it's not a traditional McQueen signature we usually see, if it's real it's probably from the end of the 70's.

I bought it from a ebay seller named "majormjk" 2008, he doesnt have an account on ebay anymore but his name was Zach Kaplan. It came with a coa from Herman Darvick, made some time between 2005-08. I've doing some reading on Darvick and found some rather unpleasent articles about him forgering presidential autographs and such. makes me wounder, could he have forged this McQueen sig?

That's all I have on it. Oh one more thing, what does it say after "To Richard" ........... ?

Some help would be very appreciated.

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Best I can say is it is nothing I would ever want in my collection.

Bull, Ive studied how McQueen was, on the filming of the "Getaway", he was coked up and drinking beer during the filming. It was the highest grossing film he had at the time. So whose to say his state of mind and his signature style at the time....Its Authentic!

Who is to say they would even have press stills from the Getaway on the set of the Getaway? 

Press still tend to be released to the press when the film is expected to be coming out.....well after the shoot is over.

Show me any authenticated sample of Steve signing his "St" combo like that, from the time of that photo until his death and I will gladly apologize for questioning your opinion here. 

Steve's S had a longer top, and fully formed bottom, which he would doubleback over leading to a much taller t, with a wide & opened loop. 

True, the blurb text on the Reverse is very much in the past tense. 

+1 This. Not taking sides, but Pete's critique seems to closely match my recollection of features consistently present on pieces that I know were signed in person.

Hi Carl,

I thought that certificate was a business card. All those numbers and no contact information? Why? It looks like BS to me but I never heard of them. Some "interesting" stuff comes from Florida though. It is wise for me to defer to Pete here. I will say I don't like the presentation of either of these signatures. The 8x10 w car just seems uncomfortable and odd. Sorry I can't help more.

You said it right,"While it's the exception rather than the rule"......

I like it. I think it's real.

And I also agree with the other points about....forgers DO NOT like to personalize. They just don't. It makes it less valuable (who wants to buy a Brando signature that says, "To Hector...") and it's more writing that you can prove IS NOT in the hand of the person you want.

If you didn't pay $10 for this...and you actually paid about what the price should be for a signature of this nature, it's probably real.


Well, I like "To Hector" - I just bought "To Ervin" - it supplies a place in time and thus context - w/o dedication/inscription/date and a clear signing stye attributable to a year the signature can be like a balloon without anyone holding the string. Context - if I did not choose a 2015 release DVD of the Wall documentary for Waters to sign with Waters signature such as it is it could have been signed anywhere is the last decade or so as he doesn't date much - but that DVD could not have been signed any earlier than after it's release. Something like "To Hector" literally gives something a name. Everyone's reaction to extra handwriting by a forger would lead someone with skill to add one IMO - it's obviously working. I don't follow the last bit much - what he paid, to me anyway, has little meaning at this point if the autograph is problematic - the use of "probably" says a lot. I would still try to contact Mr. Darvick.

I enjoy your blogs and stories BTW.

In other words, for me alone, I care about the signature, but I also care about what the artist had to say or why if possible, and when. That powerful and potent triad creates an additional level of appreciation for me that surpasses the lone signature. I saw a movie poster signed by "everyone" that was collected over many years and across distances - the signers wrote things, dedications, whatnot. This was all removed to enhance the peice. To me anyway, I saw all the personalty, character, the love and dedication of the collector wiped away along with his own name as written by the very stars he loves. To each his own. I just won't own that. In plain numbers, the majority of writing was selectively removed. That seems odd to me. Counterintuitive. To me it is something like buying a film by Orson Welles and then recutting it to my own liking. I tend to trust Orson (the signer in this analogy).

I can agree with that statement, but would you really want an autograph in your possession with another name on it, or would you want an Authentic Autograph by the person by him, or herself.....by itself? I know the answer to that.....

Perhaps, perhaps not. I would want the autograph with another name, given the likelihood of some delicious inscription such as "best wishes" or "love". Love, to another, is better than no love at all. I don't know if I can say that more clearly. 



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