This amazing Neil Armstrong signed photograph sold at the recent RR Auction Space Auction for $56,301 (including buyer's premium). WOW!!

It's a 16x20 photo of Buzz Aldrin on the surface of the moon, signed in white artist’s grease pencil, “Neil Armstrong, Tranquility Base.” 

In my experience, I have never seen an Armstrong signed photo inscribed "Tranquility Base." It could be a one-of-a-kind item.

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Holy crap haha, awesome photo but that's crazy money.

Sell your Star Wars stash and you could buy two! ;-)

Haha, maybe someday the grandkids can sell it for an actual trip to space. Pretty cool possibility!

that seems really beyond belief.  something screwy has to be going on. 

It sure is a lot, but not too shocking considering a prime going down the ladder pose went for around $50k previously.

Bear in mind it is 16x20 format, unpersonalized and a possible 1-of-a-kind inscription. And a perfect signature. Armstrong signed 16x20 is unheard of.

For a high-end space collector, this is about as good an Armstrong as you can get. Comparable to a flawless, bold Ruth on a clean ball, but even less common.

It truly is a beauty.

I wonder how much money the first man on mars is going to be able to take in just signing autographs!

If he makes it back...

A beautifully signed photograph. Perhaps Neil added "Tranquility Base" because he knew it was Buzz not him in the photo? Always like to see these items as I know I would never get to own one myself. Congrats to the buyer and the seller. Win, win.

Don't know who the seller is, but it sourced back to Armstrong's Purdue fraternity.

And it had pretty solid provenance. ;-)

Historical figures!!



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