New Jimmy Page Signed Books - Pre-Order from Genesis Publications

He's actually signed these -- no stamps!

$575 which includes shipping to USA (less if you are in the UK or Europe)

Shipping in December but it will probably sell out if you wait till then. 

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FYI- They are breaking the Payments up over 3 months, if you choose too. Making them much more affordable. This is why I purchased 2 of them. I think others will take advantage of this opportunity and these Books will Sell Out rather quickly, IMO....Wouldn't wait to long!!

Greetings all - I e-mailed Genesis’ customer service and received a response from a gentlemen named James there and he confirmed at this time they are only offering the 2500 count  limited edition, and that all will be hand signed personally by Jimmy - no reproductions, stamps, facilities, etc. 

i just wanted to share another confirmation with the group, in case anyone wanted it.

I also ordered 2 books the day they came out.Jimmy changed his sig.i think it looks great imo.

For those of you buying two copies, do you plan to flip one or keep both? If you plan to flip one, what do you think a decent return would be in the first few months after they sell out and are delivered? $1500+? And I’m assuming if you sit on them for quite awhile, they’ll eventually go for a few grand in the coming years?

Received notification that this delivery will be delayed several months

I received the same message.i think we will be lucky to get them by March!




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