New kitchen table forger on ebay josepha2706 Las Vegas (shocking)

This post is for the sole purpose of getting indexed on google if anyone searches this guy.

He really likes to forge 1980s football.

Reggie White, Bo Jackson on cheap proset cards.  

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Nice post, Philly.

I can't understand how a person can blatantly deceive unsuspecting individuals with a clear conscience. Obviously, such an individual has no conscience.

Most longterm knowing sellers of forgeries don't think they're doing anything wrong. They're typically sociopaths.

just look at the times we live in and u answered ur own question .we get lied to every day and they don't care.

And all of these have bids on them. EBAY is full of suckers!!!

Wait until you see the final prices.   I'll post the results when they are done.

Lock-Em-Up-Bob (the biggest forger on ebay right now)  is getting more for his fake cards then cards that are slabbed by PSA.  In the EBAY community Lock-Em-Up-Bob is more reputable than PSA or JSA and every single card is fake.   I have seen his cards go for 5 times what a normal PSA slabbed card goes for.   He could set up an authentication service and he could be a millionaire in a few months.  

Oh the fun a legal moron can have with 3 colored sharpies. What an IDIOT PERIOD

And the same three sharpies that leave the same identifiable track on everything!

"This post is for the sole purpose of getting indexed on google if anyone searches this guy."

Good post!  I actually found this site and signed up while searching for this d***** on Google...  I keep seeing his items in my ebay feeds and continue to report him.  Thanks!

He has an unlimited supply of Michael Jordan and Reggie White signed cards.   



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