Came across this jersey for a good price, however I’ve seen quite a few of PSA fakes lately. Can anyone tell me if this Kobe Signature looks real? Or if the PSA is real? I just can’t tell.

Thank you all!

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Merry Christmas to you and your family too. If you have a price guide range then I can keep an eye out as often after the holidays there are some bargain to be had.

Well I know Kobes jersey can go anywhere from 1800 and up. Im on Pristine Auction everyday bidding away my life… so I have a fair idea on whats a good deal and not by checking ebay as well as other sites. What would you say a good deal is on a kobe jersey these days?

I'd say you're in the right ball park. I've seen them going for up to $5k depending on the jersey and signature and as low as $1,500 and the odd one lower. You'll see a fair few sales in the new year

Offerup. Hmm. As an experiment I once made a buy there. I did everything wrong I could red flags be darned  - check made out to cash, unconfirmable address and a long time waiting without contact.

In the end I got a lovely 1970 authentic Gleason in the mail. "You can never can never tell..." - Bette Davis The Whales of August 1987



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