this won't do most of us any good unless anybody is near a Newbury Comics store but apparently, they are going to be getting a small number of signed CDs of the Red Hot Chili Pepper's new album for in-store only. they said they won't be getting any for online and only a handful in their stores at the labels request.  I saw their Twitter account tell someone that they expect the Burlington store to have 25 copies. just wanted to post this in case anyone is near one, I think their new album is coming out in about a week so hopefully, they offer some online eventually.

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When are the doing this?

That newbury site will have people waiting 2 days before the release. I live a few hours away and won't even attempt it. Way to close to NYC. The homeless will get 24 copies and the guy 1st in line will make a lot of money that day. 

I'm all for the homeless making a profit on this rather than some rich reseller. 

Same here. I doubt the homeless will get any but that is one case of flipping that I would highly approve of.

No, the homeless get paid by the rich reseller to wait in line. Pay them $50 bucks to wait for a cd. Now the rich guy has 25 RHCP Cds to sell for $400 each to make $10k minus the $1800 he spent. Happens often. 

Didn't see that coming... 

$400 is probably on the very low end for value on these. 

I guess we'll see what they flip for on ebay, eh?

$400? Dream on.  But perhaps I speak for myself, lol. One of the worst live bands I ever saw. Terrible.

Two signed cd's on ebay recently ended with sale prices of $133 and $207. The market will be flooded with these new signed cd's so I agree, $400 is a fantasy.  

I'm using "wait in line" service, so the homeless is already there, but he is only 2nd in line.

I see @MarkCollector had the same idea... this thread is updating too fast :)

so crazy, I grew up about 8 miles away from a Newbury and hardly ever went. Now I buy tons from them since I'm of course 2500 miles away. Sure a regular CD was $20+ and tapes were still used and the record was a memory. I mainly used them for shirts/posters and not music back in the day. I think my brother might have one near him. I'll have to check on that.



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