this won't do most of us any good unless anybody is near a Newbury Comics store but apparently, they are going to be getting a small number of signed CDs of the Red Hot Chili Pepper's new album for in-store only. they said they won't be getting any for online and only a handful in their stores at the labels request.  I saw their Twitter account tell someone that they expect the Burlington store to have 25 copies. just wanted to post this in case anyone is near one, I think their new album is coming out in about a week so hopefully, they offer some online eventually.

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Thank you same to everyone else 

Any members of this group in Charleston SC ? 

I'm sometimes around, Mount Pleasant is one of "my" address in the US...

The people emailing them about the error are the same people in high school who would tell the teacher on a friday afternoon, "hey, you forgot to give us homework!"   


LOL. Pretty much

Not sûre , they contact the store to be sûre to receive signed cd and not insigned because After that it will be difficult to have money Back and we must send Back the unsigned cd for refund ... So Lost of Time and money..

Pretty easy to deal with. You paid for Autographed cd, item not as described. 

Still waiting refund from Lana Del Rey who Comes without signed card.... Payment with crédit card not PayPal ...

If you bought it legitimately you would have an argument. 

Legit or "not legit". If the item was sold out, remove it from the site or don't let people cash out. Simple as that. 

If they dont answer to your mail like Lana Del Rey refund what Can you do ?

It clearly said "sold out" and a hack was used to hoover over the button and make it add product. They don't owe anybody anything that tried to scam the system. They should just keep the money.



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