this won't do most of us any good unless anybody is near a Newbury Comics store but apparently, they are going to be getting a small number of signed CDs of the Red Hot Chili Pepper's new album for in-store only. they said they won't be getting any for online and only a handful in their stores at the labels request.  I saw their Twitter account tell someone that they expect the Burlington store to have 25 copies. just wanted to post this in case anyone is near one, I think their new album is coming out in about a week so hopefully, they offer some online eventually.

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I ordered one with the glitch and received it today. It's perfect :)

What was your order number? I struck out and got cancellations for mine. 

under 24500

24159 here and canceled

24516 and mine shipped. I dont think they go in order. My guess is they had refunds or backorders and they shipped the exta out randomly. Thats my only guess

mind blowing. 

I only ordered one. I'm not sure if that matters.

My cousin ordered 3 and still shipped. 

NO WAY!! Im seriously excited then..,  congrats!! @MarkCollector, I got cancelled also but I recieved a shipping confirmation saturday. 

Thanks. Here is my proof btw.

Looks really nice! Bold signatures! Congrats

Question.. did they come in ups or usps



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