this won't do most of us any good unless anybody is near a Newbury Comics store but apparently, they are going to be getting a small number of signed CDs of the Red Hot Chili Pepper's new album for in-store only. they said they won't be getting any for online and only a handful in their stores at the labels request.  I saw their Twitter account tell someone that they expect the Burlington store to have 25 copies. just wanted to post this in case anyone is near one, I think their new album is coming out in about a week so hopefully, they offer some online eventually.

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Picked one up at little record shop in St Pete yesterday.  Went in and asked, last one. Lucky find.

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Great find! Congrats!

If anyone has an extra for a reasonable price I'd be interested. Apparently a friend of mine missed out on this and she's pretty bummed out. Thanks

I wish you luck.. im probably going to be wrong about my prediction. This "glitch" caused people to have hope they would get one. Hundreds of cancelations have happened causing widespread FOMO. Everyone who thought they would get one at retail, now wants a replacement for their canceled orders. I may be willing to trade a David Gilmour or similar.. I could get some good names together (DM me if anyone is interested in a trade) but im not even going to look on the secondary market. Ebay, with their fees, is the real winner of all of this

So it doesn't really make sense but I ordered one very early on after they first sold out, not by a glitch but it just popped up when I refreshed, that one has not shipped nor been canceled but I ordered another one much later in the day for my son and had it shipped to him in Seattle, he received it today so they definitely didn't send them in order. he said it was not autographed but sealed with a sticker on it that said limited edition Autographed edition. were the autographs sealed on the inside for those of you that received them? I'm kind of doubting mine ever ships at this point but still hoping. 


Cool thanks, is anyone else still waiting on an order that has not shipped nor been canceled and refunded? I got tired of waiting and wondering and wrote them a few days ago and they said that orders were still being processed and that they couldn't give me a time frame, hard to believe they would still be processing 2 weeks later when they were supposedly extremely limited and sold out in minutes.   

Yea something is fishy. I emailed them twice, because I was curious to if they decided to send me my autographs. Something is coming to me and I’m just curious. They never emailed me back...

The one you ordered for your son, was it ever refunded? I’m kinda having a crisis over here too. You might have seen that I posted a “your order is in transit” email from SHOP. Funny tbing is they were cancelled and refunded April 5th. 

Also I never got a tracking number which is why I also emailed them..

I didn't get a shipping confirmation email or tracking number, it still says preparing for shipping on the page. 



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