this won't do most of us any good unless anybody is near a Newbury Comics store but apparently, they are going to be getting a small number of signed CDs of the Red Hot Chili Pepper's new album for in-store only. they said they won't be getting any for online and only a handful in their stores at the labels request.  I saw their Twitter account tell someone that they expect the Burlington store to have 25 copies. just wanted to post this in case anyone is near one, I think their new album is coming out in about a week so hopefully, they offer some online eventually.

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Dang that would be a nice pick up. Good luck to anyone close by there. 


So something like the Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett signed CD's? First come first served with limited quantities?! 

that's what I'm guessing but not sure, I just saw people asking Newbury's Twitter account about them and them answering the info I posted. I would also love one of these but way too far away for me. 

Thanks, that would be a RED, HOT item to get! 

agreed. I'm still hoping they show up online, not expecting it but I have seen several others show up that I never would have expected to see like Elton John and David Gilmour, so you never know    

Hopefully other independent record stores will get some of these. Although not sure if I want to get up at 5 am again to get one if they do.

I would be very interested if someone could get me one. In addition to agreeing economically, I also have quite a few autographs that I could consider for trades, these are some of them:

Bryan Adams So Happy It Hurts
Coldplay Music of the Spheres
Dave Grohl The Storyteller
David Gilmour Yes, I Have Ghosts
Dua Lipa Cold Heart (Pnau remix)
Ed Sheeran The Joker And The Queen
Ed Sheeran Shivers
Ed Sheeran Peru
Ed Sheeran Graffiti
Ed Sheeran Merry Christmas
Elton John Merry Christmas
Evanescence The Bitter Truth
Kiss Destroyer 45 (Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley)
Korn Requiem
Slash 4
The Killers Pressure Machine (Brandon Flowers)
The Weeknd Dawn FM
Def Leppard Diamond Star Halos
Muse Will Of The People

All of those combined wouldn't equal the value of a fully signed RHCP CD 

Ill trade one of my Ringo autographs if somebody could get me one.

Jesus I'd give my left nut for one of them!

Bit too far from a store - live in Australia haha

Your wife might disagree

Some indie stores are getting them. For example, Criminal Records in Atlanta and Mills Record Company in Kansas City are holding listening parties where they'll sell the signed CDs.



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