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The Mayer one still says CD booklet. I think they forgot to update their page.

Had it in my cart but it was gone before I could pay :(

Thank you KD! Just managed to get the Evanescence one! I had hope that the Gargabe deluxe signed cd was also available but not. 

Yeah hopefully they add more stuff, that was a bunch all at once and i was rushing trying to find them and get them on here so kind of a messy post lol

And thank you for your messy post eheh I was able to get one of the items I was searching for! And it’s funny that I purchased Katy and John Mayer in the past, being the Katy one from her store, that sold out even before of her going live on her livestream (which made her mad during it because they released them too early) 

Katy's gone, down to 40 evanescence

Thanks very much. Picked up an Evanesence. Was hoping to find The Pretty Reckless (Death By Rock and Roll) as a restock, but no luck!

Forgot about searching for that one too. Also searched for Orianthi and nothing.

the only other one I saw that I didn't get to post because it sold out as I was trying to get them together was a band called the Black Dahlia murders, I'm not that familiar with them but there were 15 of those and they went quick. the Pretty Reckless would have been great though. I'm gonna keep watching the store.

Usually I save the links on my CD list on safari and then refresh them everyday to see if any of them gets a restock. I was able to get Chvrches “Love is Dead” during New Year’s Eve doing just like that, I refreshed the page and it got restocked ^^

I only caught these because when I checked Newbury in the morning they had 255 items and then later it jumped to 264 so that means there were at least a few more added that I didn't see before they sold out. 



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