Not really familiar but I think he's a pretty popular rapper and they are only $5 so I bought a few

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I've heard of this guy before never actually listen to his music until today I checked out his song Clouds on Spotify it goes pretty hard I'm feeling it! Not so much of an autograph but for butt for 5 bucks I'll take one! 

yea when I don't know who someone is I usually see how many Twitter followers they have and what their stuff goes for on eBay to get an idea, he has over 600,000 followers and I saw a few of his Cds that sold for $100 or more so definitely worth $5, I just remember Newbury had some of his on sale a while back and they seemed to go pretty quick

Yeah I remember Newberry selling his stuff but I didn't think much about it back then. 

They’ve added a line to the order page saying the signed CD will only be shipping to US customers. That wasn’t there when I placed my (international) order. I wonder if I’ll still get it since it wasn’t there earlier. 

Yea I saw other international customers who had already placed their orders asking about that, I imagine they would honor it if they took your order but I just saw my order confirmation email that these are through UMG so there's no telling. I keep forgetting to check what company is handling them before I put my orders in and here I am giving UMG more money when they still owe me a bunch of stuff from 8 months ago. 

I noticed that these showed up on Newbury Comics today, $17.99 when the same signed Cd is still available on his website for $5 so I'm glad I bought mine yesterday

It’s funny after Newbury put it up for $17.99 his website sold out

Yea they were still available when I posted that but I figured that would happen. in the past, I have bought stuff and then someone else listed it cheaper a couple of days later, so I'm happy it worked in reverse this time because I would have probably bought a couple at $17.99 if I had seen that first lol

NF is back up for $5 on his website 

Thanks, I snagged a couple just in time and they are sold out again.

Ken, I don't even know of the artist but one cannot pass up a signed CD for under $10 delivered!! Thanks for letting us know it was available again! :-)

Yes thanks Ken!!! Definitely a better deal than the $17.99 plus shipping Newbury is charging. 



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