Greetings all - I am going to see Nick Mason and Saucerful of Secrets here in St. Louis tomorrow night. I’m giving some consideration on going down early to investigate getting an album signed. Does anyone that does in person have any advice or thoughts on my best bet if I do so?

Thanks for any feedback.


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Just got him. Dealers have practically ruined him, but he’s still super nice in one-on-one situations. The show is fantastic, BTW.  I sent you a PM with some additional comments. 

Nick is super nice and will sign anything these days. However, he is selling signed posters at the merchandise stand for 65 bucks. Go buy one of those and skip the ordeal of trying to find him before or after the show. It’s a great poster and a great deal since it’s signed. And i agree the show was amazing. Well worth the price of admission. 

Please post the pictures of obtained stuff. Thanks… 


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